Raven Guidance with Cruizer II Key Features & Benefits

  • Brilliant 5.7” high-resolution touch-screen display features easy to understand icon-based menus, status indicators, and day/night mode for simple operation
  • Simple installation/mounting for hassle-free installation and use with multiple machines
  • Built-in 10 Hz DGPS receiver and external DGPS antenna for accurate sub-meter guidance
  • Integrated lightbar system for added confidence and visual support
  • Enhanced “Last Pass” guidance with automatic correction simplifies contour and irregularly shaped fields and prevents repeating errors
  • Record keeping and coverage maps made simple with file formats for saving, reporting and importing data
  • Ability to save job files and A-B lines
  • Ability record field markers
  • Straight A-B, Last Pass, Fixed Contour and Pivot field patterns for greater accuracy, speed and convenience
  • Integrated CANbus technology for adding Raven assisted steering and automatic boom section and planter controls for greater precision, savings and performance
  • Interfaces with Raven’s new SmartYield™ monitoring system for superior crop management
  • Optional weather-resistant model available for rain/dust protection in open-cab situations
  • Digi-Star® scale interface for spreading manure more accurately on fields
  • Bird’s-eye view and downfield 3-D perspective for checking coverage and keeping you on line

To learn more about the Raven Cruizer II, read the brochure